Believe it or not, losing weight is more about your mind than it is about your diet; this means that you don’t succeed when you eat what your diet tells you, but when you change your lifestyle, replacing your bad habits with good ones.

Bad habits like ignoring your calorie intake, eating fast food and physical inactivity, quickly become weight loss killers that add frustration to the process and make weight loss almost impossible for you.

In addition, if you are like the majority of people even though you know which bad habits are killing your weight loss, you still find very hard to overcome these obstacles and start losing weight consistently.

But don’t you worry, we are here to help you succeed…



Today I will show you a very simple yet highly-effective 3 step formula that will help you overcome your bad habits for good, make smart replacements to build good habits and start losing weight quickly and consistently.

But before we get started let me clarify two very important things I recommend you to keep in mind when applying this 3-step formula.

The importance of the root cause

It is important to remember that all bad habits have a root cause, this means that weight loss killers are a consequence of something else.

If you want to build a healthier lifestyle you definitely want to “fix” the root cause instead of eliminating the bad habit itself. Let me give you a real-life example.

One of our readers, whose name is Martha (I obviously asked her for permission to share her story with you) told us that one of her biggest challenges for losing weight was night eating.

To help her, we started looking for the reason of this bad habit and suddenly realize that she started eating while watching TV.

To fix the problem we recommended Martha to replace TV watching with a low-impact exercise routine, guess what? Things changed.

After she stopped watching TV and started moving, she suddenly realized that eating at night was not necessary, it was not even a temptation for her.

This was a typical case of emotional eating being triggered by boredom and fixing the root cause (watching TV in this case) was enough to replace the bad habit with a healthier one.

Making Smart Replacements

We always talk about replacing bad habits instead of eliminating them.

You know why?

Because eliminating bad habits without putting something else in their place leads to more bad habits.

You need to train your brain to take the options that help you build a healthier lifestyle instead of looking for the easier way to fill a time gap in your daily routine.

Our brains are wired to ALWAYS look for the easiest option available, so if being a couch potatoe is easier than exercising, guess what your body will want to do.

For this reason, make sure you always replace bad habits with good ones instead of eliminating them. In this way you will be creating a healthier lifestyle you will definitely be proud of.

But let’s now talk about the 3-step formula to beat your bad habits and finally start losing weight consistently.

1. Make a list:

Making a list of your bad habits and a deep analysis of them will trigger two very important processes in your mind:

a. You will instantly determine what is your current situation.

b. You will be able to find the causes of your bad habits and it will be easier for you to find good habits that you can replace them with (as we did with Martha).

2. Start small.

When you commit to too many things you are just increasing your chances of failure so don’t even try to create a totally new lifestyle overnight. Always start small.

It has been demonstrated that 80% of people who fail at weight loss do so because of their desire of changing EVERYTHING in their lives in just one day.

This is wrong because as soon as you realize that the results are not coming at the same pace you are changing your life you get disappointed and give up.

You did not become overweight or obese in 1 day right? So, don’t even try to get in shape in 1 day either.

Be disciplined, be consistent but more importantly, be patient.

Now, to help you succeed in changing your life I have created a free printable worksheet you can download to keep you organized. It looks like this:



But before I give you FREE access to it, let me show you how it works.

In the first column enter your list of bad habits:



Then enter the root causes of these bad habits in the next column, to find them just ask yourself: what triggers this undesired behaviour?:



Now, enter the good habit you will replace each bad habit with:



Finally enter the date you will start making the change, make sure they are separated for at least 2 weeks:



The last column of this worksheet is your why, make sure you enter a compelling why for accomplishing this goal:



OK, then as I promised, if you want to get 100% FREE access to this worksheet just fill the form below and it will be immediately delivered to your inbox:

Let’s now talk about the last step of this 3-step formula to beat your weight loss killers

3. Celebrate

Yeah! You HAVE to celebrate…

Celebrating your small wins helps you achieve the big ones.

It has been demonstrated that breaking a big goal into small pieces and celebrating the progress no matter how small you think it is, leads to higher success rates and keeps you motivated.

So, make sure you have a small or big win to celebrate consistently and share your progress with your loved ones.

To finish this article I would like to encourage you to continue working on creating the life you deserve to live.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us what else would you add to this formula.

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