Let me ask you a question:

Would you describe yourself as a person who seriously want to lose weight but repeatedly find yourself eating large amounts of unhealthy foods, despite knowing that it is causing you harm?

If you say yes!, let me tell you this post is for you.

And let me tell you something else… You are not alone!

There is a lot of people facing the same problem, they simply love food too much to follow any weight loss program successfully.

You wake up in the morning and promise to yourself that you will eat healthy no matter what…

…but suddenly, something happens.



A coworker invites you to eat some junk food for lunch or you see an ad on the internet about the unhealthy foods you love, or you simply start craving unhealthy foods to a point where saying “NO” becomes impossible.

Then, what do you do?

How do you find the strength to eat healthy on a daily basis?

How do you overcome your love to food and start losing weight?

Don’t you worry, we will answer these questions today.

In addition, at the end of this post you will be able to download the 30 Day To Stop Loving Food Challenge, which is a PDF document describing a complete strategy to beat your love to food in 1 month and finally start losing weight efficiently.

But before we get started, we need to determine whether you are addicted to food or just love food too much, trust me there is a difference.

Addiction vs Cravings, How do you know?

If you are like the majority of people trying to lose weight you will definitely experience food cravings and this is absolutely normal.

Remember that you are trying to create a completely new lifestyle and this is never easy, your body is used to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants so cravings will show up, especially at the beginning.

However, it is important to remember that experiencing cravings doesn’t necessarily mean that you are addicted to food.

People having cravings feel the urge of eating something they are not allowed to but they are still in control.

Also having control doesn’t mean that you always win the battle against cravings, sometimes you may lose but you rapidly stand up and make sure you don’t fall into temptation in the future.

In fact if you are disciplined enough, you will find it easier and easier to beat your cravings until that food stop being a temptation forever.

People experiencing cravings are able to overcome this obstacle by using their willpower and one or two simple strategies like eating filling foods or meal replacements.

Now, food addiction is a completely different level, people addicted to food cannot control themselves, no matter how hard they try, or how guilty they feel after eating unhealthy foods.

People addicted to food simply can’t help it and feel high levels of anxiety and even depression when they feel deprived.

They also tend to hide their consumption of unhealthy foods from others because they feel ashamed of themselves.

Food addicts have a lot of willpower, they know what they have to do in terms of food but they simply can’t stop eating what they crave.

To help you overcome these obstacles, let’s talk about some actions that will help you take control over your eating habits whether you are addicted to food or just love it too much.

How to overcome your love or addiction to food, the simple strategy that actually works.

This strategy to overcome food cravings/food addiction to lose weight, actually starts with a recommendation that may seem counterintuitive at first sight and it is: Don’t go on a diet!

Say what?!

If I don’t diet how will I lose weight? You may be saying. Well let me explain.

Whether you are addicted or just love food too much, one of the biggest triggers for overeating and lack of control is hunger.

And overcoming your love to food is difficult enough to add hunger to your days.

This is why most experts recommend that you start by creating, following and getting used to a proven strategy that helps you control your love/addiction to food first.
It is until after you are able to follow this strategy successfully, that you start dieting to lose weight.

I know this may sound discouraging because you may think that this will only delay your weight loss but in fact it is the opposite.

If you try to lose weight and overcome food addiction at the same time, your feelings of hunger will play against you making you fail time and time again leading to frustration.

Remember that when you diet your mind becomes your biggest asset so adding frustration to the formula will make you give up sooner than later.

Conversely, if you beat your eating habits first and then start dieting you will find it way more easy to stick to your weight loss plan until you see the results you want.

Let’s now dive into the strategy we will be using to overcome your food cravings/addiction.

1. Set a date and prepare yourself:

It’s time to get serious, set a date in the near future, probably this weekend or next monday.

Make a decision and start preparing your mind to reach your goal.

Make a commitment and write it down, here is an example:

Starting next monday (enter exact date) I will kick (fast food, ice cream, etc) out of my life forever because I deserve to live longer and see my children grow.

2. Identify your triggers:

Find the foods that trigger your unhealthy eating habits, these are those foods that after you taste them you find it harder to stop eating them.

Be completely honest and list all your triggers.

Once you have them make a commitment to avoid them completely. I know this is easier said than done, but is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed.

Moving forward you will never EVER eat your triggers again.

3. Make a list of safe food places:

This will be very useful for those times when you find yourself hungry and not in the mood to cook.

So make a list of food places where you can find healthy foods that help you stay away from your triggers.

Now, it is really important that this list excludes any place where your triggers are being offered even if they offer healthier options as well.

4. Make a list of healthy foods:

Having a list of healthy easy to prepare foods is really useful to make sure you eat foods that help you lose weight on a daily basis.

5. Find your why:

We talk a lot on this blog about the importance of having a compelling why that keeps you motivated when things get hard.

So make a list of your why’s, but make sure they are compelling and coming from the bottom of your heart.

If your why’s are not compelling enough they will not be effective.

How To Actually Do This: The 30 Day To Stop Loving Food Challenge

As I promised at the beginning of this post, we have prepared a complete strategy to help you beat your love to food in 30 days.

We have called this strategy The 30 Day To Stop Loving Food Challenge, and it represents our latest effort to help you become successful and lose weight in a faster, healthier and easier way.

This challenge is divided into 3 different sections:

1. Self-evaluation: Where you will discover the reasons why you tend to eat unhealthy foods, find your triggers and set a compelling why to become healthier.

2. The Toolbox: 16 different free articles and resources from the internet that will help you find the motivation you need to beat your bad eating habits.

3. The Day Grid: A 30 day grid where you will track your progress to win the challenge.

As always we are sharing this in a PDF format so you can save it or print it for easy access.

Once you have it you can go through the challenge as many times as you want until you make it to your goal and finally beat your bad eating habits.

So are you ready?… Let’s do this.

Please fill the form the below and we will immediately send the 30 Day Challenge to your inbox:

Don’t you worry about the instructions to follow the challenge as they are contained in the document you will receive.

After you download the challenge you will also be part of our community and enjoy the tools and tips we share only with our subscribers.

Of course you can unsubscribe at any time you want. 😉

Finally, what to do if nothing works

If you follow this strategy and stay true to yourself, chances are that you will succeed.

However, if you put this into practice and you still find yourself overeating and not having control of your eating habits I recommend you to look for professional help since you may be addicted to food at a deeper level.

Food addiction can be treated but a more professional guidance would be required in some cases.

Don’t feel ashamed, don’t hide your condition, look for help, you health is priceless.

I hope you’ve found this article useful, please make sure to leave you comments and contact us with your questions if any.

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