The Ketogenic Diet is probably one of the most effective proven weight loss formulas out there, it has a solid scientific background published by well-known researchers all around the world. You just need to type Ketogenic Diet in your Google search and millions of results will appear in front of your eyes, and when I say millions I actually mean 53.5 million results:


The Keto Diet is so popular for its astonishing results, it helps people of all ages and both genders to lose weight quickly almost without trying, but it also comes with a challenge.

Getting into Ketosis: The Challenge Why Most People Fail On The Ketogenic Diet.

The Ketogenic Diet works so well because of ketosis, which is defined as the metabolic state that transforms your body and makes you burn fat for fuel instead of carbs, leading to dramatic weight loss results.

However, despite the huge advantages of this diet, almost 94% of people getting started fail to maintain their body into ketosis and give up, but why is it so difficult to maintain ketosis?

The first reason is that -according to most experts- your body gets into ketosis anywhere between 4 – 7 days after the amount of carbs you consume drop to approximately 50 grams daily, this may sound easy to accomplish, but cutting on carbs at that level on a daily basis could be tricky sometimes. Why?

Simply because many of the foods you are used to eat are loaded with tons sugar in different presentations, I mean even fruit juices -that are generally considered healthy could kick your body out of ketosis if you aren’t careful.

Ketosis is very efficient on burning fat but keeping it on requires dedication and attention to detail.

The second reason why most people fail on the Keto Diet is boredom, and I know you can relate with this, diets are boring.

When you are getting started and your willpower is at its maximum, you may find easy to cut on carbs, at the very end -you say- all I need to do is to avoid bread, sweet treats and sugary drinks; the problem?

You end up having just 2 or 3 food options for all your meals and here is where boredom attacks.

After 1 week of eating this way, you will start feeling deprived and this leads to cravings, emotional eating, overeating and you finally give up blaming the progam and claiming that losing weight by following a Keto Diet is simply not possible.

What’s next?

Well, you start browsing around for the next magic pill, fad diet or lazy weight loss system available just to add more and more frustration when you discover that nothing works as expected and the worst part is that you continue being fat, increasing your risk of chronic diseases and feeling depressed about how your body looks like.

Fortunately this doesn’t have to be your case anymore, there is a way to trigger and maintain ketosis long enough to see incredible results, yes, the kind of results that will leave your friends and family open-mouthed.

Are you ready?

Getting And Maintaining Ketosis: The 4 Step Method That Delivers Results.

Getting your body into ketosis during the first week and keeping it on is a science, there is a proven method to do it; you don’t get there by accident, you do it on purpose.

But before we get started, please remember that -as with everything in life- the very first step is commitment, you need to make a decision and take responsibility.

It Is until after this point that you will be able to make the necessary changes to achieve your desired results.

That being said, let’s now review the 4 simple steps of this hassle-free method to achieve and maintain ketosis for outstanding weight loss results.

1. Plan you meals carefully to reduce your carb consumption

As we said earlier, reducing your daily carb intake to the level where ketosis is achieved could be tricky; this is why it is important to plan your meals ahead of time by using ingredients that make you feel satisfied and help you reduce the amount of carbs you consume at the same time.

Most keto experts recommend to create weekly plans, so you can change your menu week after week to avoid boredom.

It is also vital that your body receives the nutrients it needs to stay healthy so you definitely want to add high quality proteins, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins.

Here are some guidelines that you may find useful when planning your weekly menus:

– Focus on net carbs, not total carbs.

– Prefer whole foods

– Don’t forget fats: Fat is your friend, you need fat to burn fat even though that makes no sense initially, just make sure you eat high quality fats only. More on that later.

– Add protein, but not every protein: Not all protein is created equal, only use high quality, low-processed protein sources and make sure you eat just the right amount per week to avoid undesired side effects. More on that later.

At this point you may be thinking that doing all of this could be easier said than done, and you are definitely right.

To speed things up for you, we have created The FREE 7 Day Blueprint For Keto Diet Success, which us a complete step by step frustration-free guide to achieve ketosis in 1 week. You just need to follow the steps! Simple and easy. Want to join? Fill the form at the end of this post.

2. Eat healthy fats that increase ketones.

As I said, you need fat to burn fat, and one of the most healthy fats you can include in your diet is Coconut Oil.

However we recommend you to add Coconut Oil gradually to avoid undesired side effects.

3. Use fasting to induce ketosis.

Fasting can definitely induce ketosis.

For weight loss purposes, most professionals recommend that you start with a 24-hour fasting and then eat 1000 calories with up to 90% of them coming from healthy fat.

This is a smart combination that helps you trigger ketosis faster.

4. Eat the adequate protein to speed up the process.

Protein increases feelings of fullness, reduces appetite and calorie intake helping you to not only stay full for longer and avoid overeating but also to maintain ketosis for consistent weight loss.

To benefit from protein comsumption make sure you eat high quality protein only, here is a list of protein foods that you can take into consideration:

Fish: Seafood is high in protein but low in saturated fat. It’s also high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, this is why experts recommend eating seafood at least twice a week.

Poultry: Chicken and turkey are really good sources of healthy protein. The only recommendation here is to go organic to avoid hormones and pesticides.

Dairy Products: Dairy products are awesome sources of healthy protein.

In this case, just be careful avoid sugary ones and processed cheese.

Beans:  Beans are a very special kind of food since they are packed full of both protein and fiber, so they are an excellent option to boost your protein intake.

Nuts and Seeds: Similar to beans they are awesome at providing protein and fiber.

Eggs (Quick note: In the original version of this post I forgot to add eggs to the list but one of our readers whose name is Tracey commented below and helped me see my mistake, so I am adding eggs to the list now, Thank You Tracey!):

Eggs are a perfect option to increase your consumption of high quality protein while keeping carbs low, they contain few carbs and just high quality protein, so they promote feelings of fullness. 

Now, as I said earlier, you need to consume the right type of protein in the right amount to get all the benefits without any side effects.

To determine how much protein you should eat it’s necessary to consider three important factors:

  • Your age.
  • Your activity level.
  • Your current weight.

The minimum protein you should eat to be healthy is 0.36 gr/lb, per day, as determined by Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).

So let’s do the math: If you are a sedentary 160-pound woman you will need to consume 160*0.36 = 57.6 grams of protein per day. Really simple, isn’t it?

Now, let’s add in some other factors.

In case you are a very active person, experts recommend increasing protein intake from 0.36 grams to 0.50 gr/lb.

If you are trying to lose weight it is recommended to eat 30% of your daily calorie intake in the form of protein.

Finally, if you are in the middle age, you may consider eating at least 0.68 gr/lb since according to Nancy Rodriguez Ph.D., eating this much protein helps you prevent osteoporosis and maintain and rebuild muscle as you get older.

The Most Important Question: How Do You Actually Make This Work For You?

After reading this article you’ve probably realized that there is a bunch of things to take into consideration if you are serious about losing weight by getting into ketosis, in fact everyday we get tons of questions such as:

What type of foods I can and cannot include in my daily meals?

Can you provide me with any shopping list so I don’t buy anything that kicks me out of ketosis?

How do I know I achived ketosis, what are the symptoms?

What if I go out for dinner? Will that ruin my weight loss?

Can I use external ketones to achieve ketosis?

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See you on the other side. 🙂


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