Have you ever dreamed with a proven way to lose weight faster, but just realized that there is a lot of bad information on the internet?

I feel you 100%, if you type something similar to How to lose weight fast in Google search, many of the results you get are, let’s say, garbage!.

Fad diets are everywhere, along with magic pills, overnight solutions, misleading promises and even scammers trying to capitalize on this weight loss trend.

The consequences of following these terrible recommendations are dangerous, as they increase the risk of suffering chronic diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.

But don’t you worry, as always we got your back!

In this post we will explore 10 natural, proven, easy to follow ways to lose weight in record time without putting your life at risk. Let’s drop those extra pounds now!


1. Eat More Protein

Protein is excellent for dieters for many good reasons; in fact eating high quality protein helps you burn 80-100 extra calories per day at rest.

Yes! eating high quality protein helps you lose weight while watching TV.

But besides its ability to boost your metabolism, high quality protein comes with other benefits you really want for yourself when dieting, for example:

High quality protein increases feelings of fullness.
High quality protein provides many important nutrients.
High quality protein prevents loss of muscle mass.

However to use protein effectively you need to know what protein to eat, how much protein you should eat per day and the factor you should take into consideration before getting started.

Don’t you worry, the answers to these questions are on this post:

How Following a High Protein Diet Helps You to Lose Weight Faster


2. Eat Real Food

Today, almost every food we eat contains a lot of artificial flavors, hormones, pesticides, added sugar or is highly processed.
If you want to lose weight faster and improve your health, stop eating junk and start eating real food, but what is it? Let me explain.

Is simple terms, real foods are single-ingredient foods that need zero to very low process to be consumed, most of these foods are very feeling and help you keep control of your calorie intake in an easier way.

These food are so effective for weight loss than many experts say that losing weight is a common consequence of eating real foods.


3. Drink Enough Water.

Did you know that drinking water before meals leads to 44% more weight loss?

Here is an article that explains how it works: 5 Facts About Water that May Increase Your Weight Loss by 44%

If you replace sugary drinks with water you will speed up your weight loss process and get impressive results in less time.


4. Glucomannan is your best friend.

We all want to eat less to lose more weight, but it gets so hard sometimes, because most of us feel hungry and start craving all those delicious foods we used to eat; but what if I tell you that there is a proven supplement that helps you beat these challenges?

Yes you guessed it! I am talking about glucomannan.

In simple terms, this supplement delays your stomach emptying and fights hunger by making you feel full for longer periods of time.

Here is an article that will tell you exactly how to use Glucomannan to lose weight quickly, it is really worth a read:

How Glucomannan Helps You to Lose Weight (Backed by Science)


5. Follow a low-carb diet

The best low-carb diet we can recommend is the Ketogenic Diet, it is easy to follow, scientifically proven and works quickly.

When you follow the keto diet you transform your body into a fat burning machine, thanks to ketosis which is the metabolic status where your body starts burning fat for fuel instead of calories.

This fat-burning metabolic status starts working in the first 4 days if you follow the ketogenic diet in the right way.

I am pretty sure you agree that starting losing weight in the first 4 days of dieting is simply astonishing.

In case you want you want to get started today, here is a post that explains it all:

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Keto Diet: First Steps, Side Effects, Tips and Tools To Succeed


6. Eat Slowly: The easiest way to speed up weight loss.

There are a lot of elegant solutions to lose weight, and some of them could be kind of complicated, but one of the most effective ways to lose weight like crazy is also very simple: eat more slowly.

Eating slowly has been shown to increase feelings of fullness, so it helps you to eat fewer calories and increase the production of hormones that are linked to weight loss.


7. Coconut Oil helps you to eat fewer calories.

I am pretty sure you have heard a lot about Coconut Oil, and some of the most common claims are right.

According to several studies, Coconut Oil helps you to eat fewer calories and accelerates weight loss thanks to its medium chain triglycerides.

As it happens with high quality protein, Coconut Oil has the ability to boost your metabolism, and helps you to lose weight passively.

Here is a post that tells you exactly how to use Coconut Oil to lose weight:

Wondering How to Eat Fewer Calories Without Trying? Science Says: Eat Coconut Oil


8. Use the power of your gut bacteria.

In case you didn’t know, your gut bacteria plays an important role in weight regulation.

Having a higher gut bacteria diversity has been shown to help you lose up to 50% more weight. That is impressive! don’t you think?.

Now, how do you take care of your gut bacteria? and how do you use it to your benefit? All the answers are on this post:

Going on a diet? Take Care of Your Gut Bacteria and Lose up to 50% More Weight.


9. Your bed helps you to lose weight.

Experts say that sleep-deprived people are 55% more likely to become obese. But why this happens?

According to science, sleep deprivation leads to poor appetite regulation, so you end up eating more calories and gaining weight in consequence.

Get enough sleep, it will help you not only to lose weight faster but also prevents future gain weight.


10. Fiber, fiber, fiber… Eat more fiber.

Fiber works wonders for weight loss, it makes you feel full for longer, feeds your gut bacteria, is easy to eat and helps you limit your calorie intake.

All these factors contribute to faster weight loss, so make sure you consume foods rich in fiber such as oatmeal, beans, dark colored vegetables, raspberries, blackberries and more.


Take Home Message.

As you can see these 10 proven, natural ways to lose weight are easy to follow, and require no equipment or any big investment.

All you need is self-discipline and consistency to see significant results. Following these tips the right way will definitely help you get slimmer in less than 4 weeks just make sure you do it the right way and please never make any changes in your diet without asking your doctor first.

This is especially important in case you are taking any sort of medication or have any sensitive health condition


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