People find it very hard to lose weight for many reasons including lack of willpower, following diets that don’t work and focusing too much on the results.

However, there is one single obstacle that is currently ruining the weight loss dreams of many dieters who describe eating healthy as an uphill battle they simply can’t win and that is loving food too much.

Some days ago we published a post entitled How To Lose Weight For People Who Love Food Too Much and we started that article with a simple question:

Would you describe yourself as a person who seriously want to lose weight but repeatedly find yourself eating large amounts of unhealthy foods, despite knowing that it is causing you harm?

And today I would like to ask you:

What would your answer be?

Do you find it hard to give up those unhealthy foods?

But more importantly…

Do you feel ashamed and guilty after you eat those foods?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions this 30 Day Challenge is for you.



Loving food too much or being addicted to it is definitely a serious problem specially if you are actively trying to lose weight.

People facing this problem find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle they think is impossible to stop.

Fortunately, believe it or not, food addiction has a simple solution, all you need is a plan and that is exactly what you will find on this post.

The Difference Between Food Addiction and Strong Cravings

It is time to talk about the simple plan you need to follow in order to beat your bad eating habits, but before we dive into it, it is really important to make a difference between people experiencing strong cravings and people who is actually addicted to food.

First, let’s take a look at the person who just love food too much,

Those who love food experience cravings they find very difficult to overcome and some times they fall into the temptation of eating something they are not allowed to.

However, these individuals don’t feel depressed and ashamed after eating some unhealthy foods, they probably feel guilty but they pick themselves up and try again, improving their ability to control themselves over time.

Conversely, people who is addicted to food feel the urge of eating unhealthy foods, and they can’t control themselves.

They will find themselves eating unhealthy foods before they even realize and are almost every day looking for excuses to justify themselves.

However, after they eat what they were not supposed to, they feel deeply depressed, ashamed and out of control.

People being addicted to food, frequently hide their consumption of unhealthy foods from others and tend to respond aggresively when someone from their inner circle tries to put their bad habits in evidence.

This, of course, is a very general description of how each type of “food-lover” will behave, and only a professional is able to diagnose one condition or the other.

However this brief description will help you have a general idea about your especific case which is crucial since there is no way to hit your goals if you don’t know where you stand first.

OK, let’s now dive into the 30 Day Challenge that will help you overcome your love to food and finally start losing weight consistently.

The 30 Day To Stop Loving Food Challenge

This challenge is our latest effort to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from building the healthy lifestyle you desire and is designed to help you identify your weaknesses and create compelling goals that help you succeed in record time.

It is divided into 3 different sections as follows:

1. Self-Evaluation:

This section is about knowing yourself and discovering the reasons why you lose control and start eating unhealthy foods.

Here you will also create action plans that help you replace your bad habits with good ones. Remember that in this blog we do not recommend that you try to eliminate bad habits since according to most experts it is more effective to make smart replacements.

Basically, when you eliminate a bad habit you just open the door to develop a new bad habit to take its place; conversely, when you replace the bad habit with a good one you start building a healthier lifestyle.

We explain this concept in detail in a previous post entitled The Easy 3 Step Formula To Beat Your Weight Loss Killers in case you want to go deep into the science behind this recommendation.

The self-evaluation section starts with a set of 3 questions to help you discover why you eat unhealthy foods, when you do it and how often you do it.

After you have that information, you will create action plans for each of your previous answer so can start making smart replacements of your bad habits.

In this section you will also find your triggers defined as those foods that you crave the most, those that after you eat them you find it really hard to stop and you simply want more and more of them.

In advance we tell you that you’ll need to completely give up your triggers, we know is hard but it is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed.

Finally, during the Self-Evaluation section of this 30 Day Challenge you will find and document your compelling why which is the most powerful reason you have to make a change in your life.

Your compelling why will give you the strenght you need to keep going with things get hard, because they definitely will.

Now let’s go into section number 2.

2. The Toolbox

This one is easy to describe.

You know, there is a lot of low-quality information on the internet today, and some people may find it hard to find good information from reliable sources that helps them to reach their weight loss goals.

So, we added this section to the challenge just to help you save research time and provide you with reliable information to build your healthy lifestyle.

The toolbox is nothing else than a list of 20 items including articles, recipes and product recommendations to make your life easier and help you achieve your goals faster.

3. The Day Grid

This is the core of the 30 Day To Stop Loving Food Challenge.

In this 30 Day grid you will be documenting the days you were able to eat healthy foods and those when you end up eating unhealthy foods.

This section comes with very clear instructions to help you calculate whether you win the challenge or not.

I am pretty sure you can do this, because if you are reading this that basically means that you truly wants to make a difference in your lifestyle.

But if by any chance you fail the best you can do is picking yourself up and try again as many times as you may need to succeed.

That is actually the best part of this challenge, you can through it over and over again without having negative consequences.

How To Access The 30 Day To Stop Loving Food Challenge

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